Our Motto:
“Invest in the community and the Profit will be the SUCCESS
of the students and the positive impact they make on a community.”

As California Public School systems continue to suffer from a dramatic reduction of visual and performing arts funding, ArtSourced-Pros offers real solutions to this devastating problem through our Award winning, creative and innovative Standards-based “Green” programs and upcoming new Arts Academy Facility in Pomona, CA.

All aimed to empower children in various ways through quality education of the arts. The Arts Academy and "Back 2 Arts" program, integrates standards-based arts curricula in the classrooms, while ArtKids Depot Village provides the same opportunities extra-curricularly – at festivals and events throughout the Southland.

ArtSourced-Pros believes in its ability to foster productive and healthy environments through the integration of quality arts education, so sorely missing from our schools and communities today.

Please join ArtSourced-Pros in our quest to motivate Southland youth to learn through effective arts participation. We continually seek support in many forms, including: volunteer hours, dollars, in-kind donations, and pro bono services. With your support,we can improve the lives of our children, as well as the quality of life in our communities.


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